In Memoriam
We do a great deal of good. In January 2005 we dedicated a Marine Corps Tankers Monument at Punch Bowl cemetery In Honolulu Hawaii. The dedication engraved upon special lava rock provided by Sgt. Major Samuel Kaleleiki Jr. reads as follows:          

“Dedicated in memory of our fallen comrades and to the eternal living spirit of all USMC Tankers. Their legacy of valor, loyalty, innovation and honor in war and peace continues to serve the vital interests of our nation and our Corps. Semper Fidelis. Dedicated January 2005.”

Our monument is intended to honor all marine tankers, living and dead, and those who served with them in combat or during the periods of time between conflicts as a force in readiness. The principles of “valor, loyalty, innovation and honor,” are the bed rock of our Association. We welcome into membership Marine tankers and Marines of any MOS as well as personnel of any other armed service who were or are members of, assigned or attached to, or have performed duties with any Marine tank unit.

Our lost comrades from late 2016-present
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