From the president
Another Great Yay To Be A Tanker Our Association Colleagues,

Diggs here. Our St. Louis reunion is just around the corner! September 21-25th. It is not too late to sign up. This reunion is the first time that we will be doing a combination VTA and MCTA. It should be interesting and give a lot of us old salts a chance to meet up with old friends who are only members of the VTA. This is also an excellent opportunity for our travel challenged members who live in the heartland of America to experience one of our reunions without having to travel so far. We really hope to see them and all of you there. And questions, please direct them to me on my email at Out here for now.

Please go to the contact page for all the communications channels I can be reached at.  I look forward to hearing your concerns and times you are pleased with. You can contact me directly at I look forward to hearing from you.
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