The Marine Corps Tankers Association, as one of its core functions, offers a college scholarship program for Marines and Sailors who served in Marine Corps Tank Battalions and their eligible dependents. Service members or a former service member must be able to establish their assignment and service with Marine Corps Tank Battalion by official records. To be eligible, dependents must be able to establish a parent or grandparent who served in a Marine Corps Tank Battalion.  Relationships beyond grandparents are not considered for awards.

The Marine Corps Tankers Association Scholarship Program continues for 2017 as a core activity of our Association. This year, the First Lieutenant Michael LiCalzi Memorial Scholarship  and the John Corneius, Max English Memorial Scholarship attracted 19 exceptional young men and women. The number of applicants increased by 5 from the previous year. The quality of the applicants for 2018 can only be described as exceptional!

This year, as in the past four, through the exceptional generosity of The LeCalzi Family's Ace in the Hole Foundation, enabled the award of 7 scholarships in the memory of 1stLt Michael LiCalzi who gave his live in combat in Iraq, along with the crew of his M1A1 tank. Mr. Greg LiCalzi, Michael's twin brother, established the scholarship in 2014 in his brother's memory. The 1stLt. Michael LiCalzi Memorial Scholarship provides $3000 stipends to exceptionally well qualified college bound and university students who are dependents of Marine tankers. 

Five applicants were selected for the John Cornelius-Max English Scholarship. Three of those selected were continuations from 2016. Two other were new selectees. Each of the Cornelius English selectees will receive a $2000 scholarship stipend.   

For new and returning applicants-scholarship forms must be sent to Dan Miller-Chairman, MCTA Scholarship Committee at 8212 West 4th Place, Kennewick, Wa 99336. Email him with questions to . (NOTE! pg3 of the application has an old address/email- we are in the process of correcting it. In the mean time, all scholarship related correspondence MUST GO to Dan Miller at the address above!)

All interested applicants are encouraged to apply now!. The application process is detailed and requires a number of items; letters of recommendations, GPA information, school activities information ect. These need to get to the selection committee in a timely manner. Scholarship winners and notifications of awards will be done during April/May 2019. More information can be found at the bottom of this page. Please note: Dan Miller is the brand new Scholarship Chairman. Make sure you send correspondence to him- the address and email are different from previous years!
2017 Scholarship Winners
Lance Corporal Parker Moses USMCR
John Cornelius-Max English Memorial Scholarship (2nd year) Resides in Preston, Idaho. Currently member of Company C, 4th Tank Battalion. Graduated from Preston HS in 2015 with a 3.55 GPA. Currently enrolled at Brigham Young University. Pursuing a degree in Electrical Technology. Works as a welder in the family construction company. Active volunteer with his church and community. Eagle Scout.
Hanna Redifer
John Cornelius-Max English Memorial Scholarship (4th year) Resides in Fairfax, Va. Daughter of a career Marine Tanker. IN her final year at Auburn University. Has maintain a 3.56 GPA. Pursuing a BS degree in Building Science. For the past 2 semesters, has been named the the Auburn University Deans List. Active volunteer with the Auburn NROTC and the Lee County Humane Society. Overcame non selection for a scholarship in a previous year by perseverance.
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How to Apply for Scholarship
Complete the Application (pages 3 and 4) and mail the application along with all of your supporting documentation listed in the Application.  You may add additional pages if necessary.  Entire packet must be postmarked no later than March 15th. 
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